Recommendations for webcam and mic

Hey guys, Im looking for recommendations on type and brand of webcam and microphones that you and your team have already tested and confirmed compatible with on24. Thanks for your help!

Hi, we use the Yeti Blue which is around $100 on Amazon and have been using it for years now. Great quality.

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We use the logitech products and we are really satisfied.

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Anything on the higher end from Logitech should be pretty solid. Their 920, 922, and 960 are both very good; the 310 is also relatively good if you need a budget option (but really, they’re all under $75). The BRIO is also good, but is on the higher end and not really necessary.

The nice thing about these webcams is that they are all extremely well tested by video game streamers on and other sites like that and you’ll notice that most of the top streamers are using something from Logitech (and many used Logitech before they became professionals and sponsored).

When it comes to microphones, the Yeti recommendation is great. They make excellent value/price microphones that have great quality and are simple to use and understand (plug and play for the most part). You can check our their range of products and decide which is the best option for you; I’d aim for at least their mid-to-high range for the best quality.

If you want to go beyond that, you’d probably need to go pretty high-end before you get something that is giving you quality that you will notice significantly beyond the Yeti. The best microphone, in my opinion, at the mid-range would be the Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone, but with this setup you’re going to need a Shockmount and Arm ( Electro-Voice 309A for the mount and Rode PSA1 for the arm are 2 good ones), Soundboard (Steinberg UR22MKII is a good option), and you need an XLR cable to go from the microphone to the Soundboard… So in summary, I’d probably just go with the Blue :slight_smile:.


Sadly, we’re “just the deck” presenters. Our presenters aren’t on screen.

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Just built in webcam and mic with our Dell laptops.

We recently started using the Logitech C925-e Webcam and it’s worked out really well for us. I’m impressed by both the video and audio quality. Many of our presenters don’t have high end laptops, so an easy to use option we can mail them is really nice to have.

I’ve had good luck with anything Logitech

We use our computer webcams and Mac’s work best, and then our Jabra headset work well too

Yeti pro for professional work otherwise Logitech products work well

We are also “just the deck” presenters (I love the way you phrased this!), but I’ve seen so many affordable options I’m pushing hard to move forward! Putting a face to the content.

We use the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset. No cameras though

I’m using Jabra - totally reccomend

I’m actually not sure other than mic’s

Breathing new life into this topic now that we’re all webinerds from home. Any other rec’s for audio/video equipment out there?